Incredible Black Friday Sales Happening at Nordstrom in 2018

Because we’ve been good all year (fingers crossed) and are ready to totally clean up at Nordstrom’s Black Friday shopping event.  Here are the most important things you need to know.

Best Nordstrom Black Friday 2018 Deals & Sales - When is Nordstrom's Black Friday Hours & Days

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All year long we wait and wait (and wait some more) for the annual Nordstrom Black Friday sale.  The only thing that really gets us through any of the waiting is their killer anniversary sale they have in July.  Then we’re, well, white-knuckling it right through to November.  We see some of the best deals taking place starting on Black Friday but, historically, you’re able to get a nice sneak peak of the items that are going on crazy-sale (or “CS” as we like to call it) the week leading up to it.   Basically you have time to prepare, add things to your wish list, and figure out just when you’ll be politely ducking out of your family Thanksgiving plans to start your savings extravaganza.

So When Does the Nordstrom Black Friday Sale Actually Start?

This year Black Friday is officially on November 23, 2018.  One of the things we love about Nordstrom is that they’ve recently been closing on Thanksgiving Day.  They believe that their employees should be able to spend the day with their families and not spending the day in work dealing with customers.  They also (typically) don’t start decorating for the Christmas holiday season until after Thanksgiving is over.  What a concept!

Do We Know the Hours the Black Friday Extravaganza Will Begin?

While anything can change leading up to Black Friday, last year online their specific Black Friday sales started at midnight, technically, the day after Thanksgiving.  Therefore we suspect that you’ll be able to start saving at 12:01 a.m., on Friday, Nov 23rd (2018).  The deals are supposed to be live and applicable (while items last!) until Sunday Sunday, Nov. 25 at 11:59 p.m.  You can also head into the actual store (like in the olden days) during their normal store hours.

So What’s Going to Be the Big Sale Items on Black Friday?

In a word:  Everything.  No, for real.  There are going to be a ton (a literal ton) of items marked way down.  Bookmark this page (do people even still do that?) because we’ll be updating it leading up to the main event with what we consider the best-of-the-best deals.  Last year, on top of pretty sweet prices, Nordstrom knocked an additional 20% off everythingan additional 20% off select sales items, gave up to 40% off select major designer items, and so many more bells and whistles (hello free shipping!).  The main categories we’ll be seeing the best sales and deals is as follows:

  1. Women’s FashionCheck the Current Sales Here
  2. Men’s Fashion – Check the Current Sales Here
  3. Kids Everything – Check the Current Sales Here
  4. Home & Decór – Check the Current Sales Here
  5. Beauty – Check the Current Sales Here
  6. Gift Ideas – Check the Current Sales Here
  7. Select Designers  – Check the Current Sales Here
  8. Everything Else on SaleCheck the Current Sales Here

Until it’s actually time for Black Friday (and the clock is ticking but, you know, not too fast because we are 100% not ready for Christmas yet) check out some additional ways to save at Nordstrom with these great deals going on right now!

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