Strippers Depressed Brad Pitt

Poor Brad Pitt. I mean, I really feel bad for this guy. First off, he gets to bang Angelina Jolie 15.6 times per day. Second, he is mad rich. Third, he’s famous. Fourth, he had to catch strippers clothes and then watch them strip for like an hour…every day. Geesh, and I thought Mother Theresa gave up a lot.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Brad spoke of how is most random job was having to drive around strippers, collect the money, play the music, and catch their clothes as they tore them off. In fact, Brad said, “It was not a wholesome atmosphere and it got very depressing.”
Yeah, that definitely sounds tough.
Brad continues, “After two months I went in to quit, and the guy said, ‘Listen, I’ve got this one last gig tonight.’ So I did it, and this girl—I’d never met her before—was in an acting class taught by a man named Roy London [a famous acting coach]. I went and checked it out, and it really set me on the path to where I am now….strippers changed my life.”
Here’s my response:

Dear Brad,
You live an ideal life and I mean that on every shallow level possible. You have a hot wife, a ton of money, fame, free crap, and women love you. Please don’t continue to kick me in the nuts by saying that the strippers depressed you. Please. This is all I have left. Good day.

Luke Warm Regards,

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