Spencer’s Busy, Let IBBB Take a Message

If Spencer Pratt (aka Steve Sanders) can have his own advice column without any experience then so can IBBB (that’s me). I have no professional experience giving advice and am not licensed to do so, therefore, I thought it made the most sense to start up a new weekly segment on IBBB called, “Spencer’s Busy, Let IBBB Take a Message.” Feel free to write to me at: ImBringingBloggingBack at Yahoo.com (replace with “at” with the “@” sign….duh). In the meantime I will take some older emails and give my best advice/thoughts. The names may have been changed to protect the innocent and pathetic.

Dear IBBB,

Did you see there was a picture of Lauren Conrad’s new house and street number on Perez the other day? You should totally check it out and see if you can find the house! That would be better than hunting the Olsen Sluts!

Dear Trisha,
First off, stop bossing me around. Second, you’re not 5 years old signing your grandfathers 82nd birthday card, so no need for the “xoxo.” Third, Perez? Really? Yawn. If I wanted to see a million pictures of celebrities with “coke dots” penciled in using photoshop I would go to Perez’s website. Oh wait. Anyway, yes I did the address and even did a story about that. Clearly, thanks for being a faithful reader of my site and not noticing that story. I’m not sure if anything would be better then hunting the Olsen Sluts though, so stop trying to steal my thunder. However, if you find Lauren’s house and spray paint “IBBB” on the side of it, I wouldn’t be mad at ya. Thanks for the email. Get back to work.


Dear IBBB,
I love your blog, especially Harriet Carter Wednesday. I want to start up my own blog too, but am afraid of getting sued. Aren’t you ever afraid of that? If I start my own will you link to me?

Hi Copycat (I mean Rocco),
I love Harriet Carter Wednesday too. I also like clown wigs. I’m not too afraid of getting sued as I basically just own this blog and live in a cardboard box under the stairs of an old abandon church. At this point, jail would be an upgrade. I think starting your own site is a great idea. But wanna know what’s an even better idea? Not starting your own website and just reading mine. Even better, why not spread the word to the other 3 people you probably know and see if you can help me sellout faster. In conclusion, I didn’t know that real people were named Rocco. Perhaps you are a cartoon. Take care….or don’t. Either way, I’m still going to be fine.


Need advice with your love life, work life, school life, business life, or just life? Why not ask IBBB? Spencer’s Busy, Let IBBB Take a Message. Until next time, figure it out on your own.
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