The Soggy Doggy Board Game is the Cutest Game This Year

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So did you know kids like dogs?  Did you also know they like board games?  Well combine those two things together and you have the family-fun board game “Soggy Doggy.”  We also loved games that were easy to set up and you could get a little messy all at the same time (Hello Pie Face!).

One of the “must-have” games of the season, Soggy Doggy is as cute as a button and will keep everyone playing on the edge of their seat.  The concept is pretty simple, but totally fun.  Players take turns rolling the dice and racing across the board.  They’ll all take turns washing Soggy Doggy.  If you land on a space that says “Paw” you get to pump water from the shower to give him a little washing.  If you land on a space that says “Faucet” you turn the shower nozzle to see what happens next! The suspense comes in because you never actually know when Soggy Doggy is going to want to shake and dry off.  When that happens, you guessed it, everyone gets a little wet.  The first player who makes it all the way around the board first, wins (and doesn’t have to clean up, we assume)!

This fun little game is perfect for kids ages 4 and older and can have anywhere between 2 – 4 players.  Cleanup is a breeze and everyone will have a blast.

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