So When Did Fergie Turn Into Lisa Rinna?

George Hamilton is literally rubbing off on people. Fergie, who is turning into Lisa Rinna, looking like a tanned orange on the red carpet at the Cartier Love Charity Bracelet launch the other day. Fergie looks like would leave a ring around the tub. She’s dirty in both ways. She’s also dirty in that way like Ma’am Pappadopolis from “Webster” was kinda dirty…you know, naughty? Anyone? Just me thinking that? Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.

In other non-orange Fergie news, she is keeping mum about her future wedding. As you know she’s engaged to John Duhamel, but said she’s keeping her mouth just when it comes to wedding plans. Hopefully she won’t just walk down the aisle, she’ll do those cartwheels she did on The Today Show and then dry hump the alter like she did the stage. Here’s to wishing!
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