So, Wait. Is Lady Gaga Not Really Paris Hilton?



Yeah so my title for this one was between “So, Wait. Is Lady Gaga Not Really Paris Hilton” and “Lady Gaga Suffers from Exclamation Vagina.”  Ugh, I almost like the second one better.  Eh, you’ve made one vagina joke, you’ve made ’em all.  Anynose, I think deep down I always thought that Lady Gaga really was Paris Hilton with one of those fake noses (you know, with the eye glasses and bushy mustache).  I guess I was wrong.  That’s a first.

Lady Gaga performed at The House of Blues in Chicago the other night.  The silver bedazzled costume not only really made her “gentleman greeter” pop, but she even showed off a little bit of her Gaga bumbum. I don’t think we’re even able to see her Poker Face, let alone her Poker Vagina.  Wait.  Poker Vagina? I hardly know her!  Nah, that doesn’t work there.  Oh well.

If anyone can explain what a Lady Gaga is please comment.

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