So Jennifer Love Hewitt is Finally Down to That Size Two She Was Trying To Convince Us of Last Year

You can’t make a liar out of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Last winter she claimed she was a size 2 and now, 9-months later…it’s true! Jennifer Love Toothpick (shit, that was good) has dropped 18 pounds in ten weeks. Wow! 18 pounds in 2 months and 2 weeks! Sounds like someone is pushing the weight envelope by shoving a toothbrush down their little throat!

Basically every morning on The Today Show they say you should lose about a pound or two each month. Slow and steady wins the race. Well J Love must be treadmilling her ass off. I think she looks good….kinda like that way Lindsay Lohan looked good before…you know…when you were looking at her and were like “Wow she looks thin” and then you keep looking at her and then you’re like “Oh, I bet it’s an eating disorder.” But then you see some more pictures and then it hits you and you’re all like “Oh wait, no not an eating disorder. She’s got a coke problem.” Yeah, kinda like that.

J Love, stop the madness!

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