So I Guess Mrs. Knowles is Making Clothes for Solange Too?

The poor Knowles sisters don’t have fighting chance in hell when Mama Knowles makes these “outfits” for them. Solange Knowles was at the VH1 Summer of Soul Concert here in NYC the other day, which really got me to thinking….who in the hell is Solange Knowles, really? I know she’s the sister of Beyonce, but at any point was she in Destiny’s Child and more importantly why is she suffering from that Ali Lohan disease where it makes you look 47 when you’re really not that old? I’ll be right back.

I’m back. Ok, so I just found out that Solange Knowles actually has a CD coming out on August 26th. Are you ready for what it’s called? Ready? It’s called, “SoL-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams.” Personally I thought it should have been called, “If My Sister Wasn’t Famous I Would Have Been Working Full Time at My Mom’s Salon….She’d Still Be Making My Clothes for Me, But I’d Be Working There.” It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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