So a Horse and a Crackhead Walk Into a Bar…



Amy Winehorse (that actually was a legit typo, but, hell, I’m keeping it and calling her this from here on out) was out with a horse in St Lucia over the weekend.  I’m truly hoping that this is a sign that they’re bringing back “Circus of the Stars” and Winehorse will be either riding a horse on a 50 foot tight-rope 200 feet in the air….or she’ll be having a “teeth off” with the horse, which can actually be much more dangerous than the tight-rope.  Eh, but I digest.

Anymeth, this crap basically writes itself for me, which is always nice because I’m sometimes lazy and by “sometimes” I mean “all the live-long day.”

As a sidenote, every time I see Winehorse I always laugh now because the last time I posted something about her my sister asked me why Howard Stern is dressed like that.  Brilliant.

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