Snooki’s Miami Bar Fight. Apparently Frankie Delgado Will Stop at Nothing to Become a Permanent Cast Member of Some MTV Show.


Sure the quality of the footage is like watching a surveillance tape of an inner city bank robbery, but still it’s great to see these little Jersey Shore spoilers especially when Snooki, a bar, a random patron who looks like Frankie Delgado from The Hills, a frozen drink, a slap, and a “waaaaah” is involved.

Snooki was out for the day just trying to enjoy a nice relaxing drink at “da club” one afternoon in Miami with a mobile camera crew when all of a sudden some dude comes over to Snooki and whispers sweet nothings in her ear.  Snooki, the bronzed Mother Teresa of our generation, then up and slaps him right in the face and then repeatedly tries to swing at him.  I’m sure he just was politely informing her that her banana clip went out of style during Debbie Gibson’s “Out of the Blue” album release party, but that didn’t stop “Fists of Fury” Polizzi from throwing a couple of hay-makers.  After Snooks got clocked by a dude last season, she’s not taking any chances.  She’s using an open hand slap.  She’s using a closed fist.  She’s using a sharp finger point claw.  She’s even using her drink.

In the end, however, the said patron throws a red drink at Snooki, which will make her look like it’s “ladies days” until she dries off, and he gets tossed out of “da club.”  This is when JWoww ShamWow comes running, literally, onto the scene like someone is giving away free ham samples.  At this point JWoww ShamWow and Snooki have a conversation by bending forward and yelling things.

End scene.

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