Snooki Puts on Everything She Owns for a Fist Pumping Competition


Originally thinking that her “freakin’ poof” came to life, began to learn, and then started attacking its owner, I soon realized that Jersey Shore’s Snooki was just wearing a hood with some fur whilst on the gel’d carpet at the Opium Nightclub inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday (1.9.10).

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi put on everything she owned in order to host the night.  Yes, she is, in fact, the host of the night.  What is the event, you ask?  Why it’s a “Fist Pumping” competition, but of course!  So how much does Snooki get paid for something like this?  Oh, the answer to that would be $10,000.  Yes, really.

Snooki is taking a cue from the “Lauren Conrad Mustache of Success” book and making sure that she is milking every last second of fame while she can.  Now I personally think that LC’s mustache is a bit thicker, but that could just be because we’re looking at dark hair on pale white skin, versus looking at Snooki’s mustache which is dark hair on orange skin.  I believe that’s called an optical illusion.

Also interesting to note is that this fist pumping competition takes place in the same location that Anna Nicole Smith was found dead so, well, good luck with that foreshadowing Snooki, good luck with that.

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