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You knew it was only a matter of time before a skit about Snooki from Jersey Shore was to make its way onto Saturday Night Live Weekend Update.  And who better to play Snooki than Bobby Moynihan?!  We even get a guest appearance by Mike “The Situation” and his abs that seem to cover his entire body.  What a treat for 11:55 at night.

I’m hoping, and by “hoping” I mean “starting a letter writing campaign” that future Jersey Shore skits will also consist of Jenny Slade playing JWoww ShamWow and Kristin Wiig as either Sammi SweatStains or Pauly D.  Yes, I think she could play a man just as well. 

Spoiler Alert:  My favorite line from Snooki at the end is when she tells Seth that he can call her Garfield because she’s orange and likes lasagna.  Brilliant.

As a side note, how I’m not a Jersey Shore consultant on SNL is beyond me.  With all the Jersey Shore recaps I’ve done and additional mindless coverage you would think I’d be the perfect fit.  Alas, I am trapped prisoner here at this blog.


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Past Jersey Shore Recaps

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