Snooki Goes to the Grammy Awards



Nope, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That is not Lil Kim on the red carpet at the Grammy’s just now, and it’s not Danny Devito in a purple dress either.  That is one Ms. Snooki “Nicole” Polizzi and I have no idea why she gets to go to the Grammy Awards (very early I might add) and I’m stuck here in NYC sitting on my couch and writing about it. Fine, she landed a gig for MTV to be a red carpet correspondent, but still I definitely need to up my “douche bag status” in time for next years Grammy’s.

I have to admit that Snooki looks like she lost a little bit of weight.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, when she exhales her dress will likely snap up like a rubber band and expose her “gentlemen greeter” whilst the photographers snap it up…but she still looks decent.  Maybe the lack of “poof” makes her look thinner, you know, like when you paint a house a dark color it looks smaller?  Yeah, like that.

I’m telling you, without the “freakin’ poof” Snooki is almost looking  a little like Christina Aguilera.  Maybe we’ll hear a duet from them soon.

Check out some other pictures of Snooki from the 2010 Grammy Awards.  Fist pump, fist pump, fist pump.

snooki-grammy-awards-purple snooki-grammy-outfit snooki-grammy-awards snooki-grammy-red-carpet

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