Snooki: From Duck Phone to Duck Hunt


Hold on to your “freakin’ poof” because Snooki from Jersey Shore stopped by the MTV Newsroom to catch up with some of the good folks over there (who will hopefully, for the love of God, hire me one day) and to play a little shootin’ game called “Big Buck Safari.”  With big plastic gun in hand, Snooki tried to beat out Spencer Pratt’s high score by shooing animals as they appeared on screen.  I’m sure it was a little difficult for her as seeing all the animals probably confused her into thinking it was fellow cast members getting their hair “did” for a night out at “da club.”

Snooki had a little trouble spelling her own name and just settled for “Sno” and then began shooting away.  Toss in some F-bombs and “bitch” shout outs and you’ve got yourself a very entertaining 1 minute and 56 seconds of pure Snookivision.

My personal favorite is at the end when Snooki is told that her high score beat out Tokio Hotel and she responds by saying “Who’s that?”  Awww Snooki Snooki!

Check out the recent photo of our beloved Snooki below blowing us a kiss at MTV the other day.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it yet again, “Snooki is the love child of Lil’ Kim and Danny Devito.”  Quote me.

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