Snooki Brings Her Myspace Poses to the Video Game Awards



Awwwwww Snooki, Snooki!  I did it all for the Snooki, the Snooki, so you can take that BumpIt and stick it up your WAH, stick it up your WAH, stick it up your WAH!  Well, those are the only two songs I can think of inserting Snooki’s name in for now.  Anytruckerhats, Snooki (Nicole Polozzi), from Jersey Shore, graced us all with her signature Myspace poses on the red carpet during the Video Game Awards in LA the other day.  These poses consist of “The Boob Push Out,”  and “The Kissy Lips,” and my personal favorite, “The Boob Push Out with The Kissy Lips AND the Hand on Hip.”  Seriously, if someone doesn’t take Snooki for a DNA test to prove that she’s the illegitimate daughter of Lil Kim and Danny Devito, I’ m going to take her on Judge Judy and force her to take the test myself.  I mean, I have no vested interest, but as a citizen of The United States and/or Some of the Americas, I think it is my civic duty.

Check out some of the other Guido’s and Guidette’s at the Video Game Awards like Grandpa Situation, JWOW(Janky Wigs on Whitetrash Woman), and Pauly D.  No word, yet, on where Sammi Sweetheart was, but all dumpsters in the local area are thoroughly being inspected.

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