You Have the Right to Remain a Thick, Juicy, Tanned Guidette



It’s one thing to see Lohan in jail because, well, Georgia Rule.  However to see a national treasure like Snooki arrested and then to see her mugshot splattered like eyebrow wax all over the Internet?  Well, that’s just un-American and I have to say the terrorist surely have won.

Snooki was busy filming scenes for Season 3 of Jersey Shore (thank you Santa Christ) out on the Jersey Shore boardwalk and she may or may not have been using a beer bong out in public.  Also, she may or may not have been so drunk that she feel off her bike.  I don’t see what the big deal is.  Sporting a beer bong in public and drunkenly falling off your bike is not only a requirement in Jersey, but it also helps to get you into a government position.

Personally I think Snooki looks great in her mugshot.  It looks like she went through one of those “Ricki Lake Makeunder” segments.  I mean sure it looks like she was dragged out of a dumpster and is wearing a Tyra Banks fat-suit when the cops are arresting her, but she was drunk and, well, there’s a lot of fried dough stands up and down the boardwalk and how many of those can you pass by without stopping in?  3?  4?  10?

Later JWoww ShamWow tweeted saying that she had to bust (pun intended) Snooki out of the slammer.  God bless Snooki.  I have to admit, I’d totally watch a show where Snooki spends 3 months in prison.  And you want to know something?  You would too.  You.  Would.  Too.

Similar to the Lindsay Lohan mugshot background, I think the lasers really make Snooki’s tan pop!


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