Similar to Obama (and Jesus) I'm All About Change


Hello and hello, also, hello.  Take a swing at your pinata because today is IBBB’s last day (hopefully for a while) working in corporate America!  I sorta feel like someone who is getting out of prison after serving a 25 yr sentence and they found out I wasn’t even guilty in the first place.  It’s like, who the hell do I sue?!

Anycrap, I’m just going to enjoy all that today has to offer.  My new gig (I now technically get to say “gig”) starts on Monday!  I already filmed my first scenes this week and it was a blast! Hopefully they don’t edit me out.  I will also be back on Monday with your normal craptastic blog posts followed by a recap of the season finale of “The City” (cow bell, cow bell, cow bell). 

If you aren’t signed up for Twitter yet, I suggest doing so.  I’m thinking I’ll be able to update my Twitter account during the day more often with my new job and perhaps we can all have a laugh with it.  Maybe not.  Join me on Twitter!

Finally, here’s some random info.  Remember Elodie from “The Hills?”  Of course you do.  Well yesterday was her birthday and she has a new blog that she’s been running.  Check her out, wish her a happy belated birthday, and tell her I sent you!  You can find her blog, ILoveDorks, here.


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