Shakira Works at My Bank

I’d been wondering what in the hell happened to Shakira. I mean, I know that “Hips Don’t Lie” is still #1 on the Billboard Charts (trust me, it is), but I really hadn’t seen or heard from Shakira in what seems like months. Then after I saw this picture of her from over the weekend I had remembered! Shakira totally works at the bank that I go to. That’s what she’s been up to. I’m actually really happy for her because according to the poster that is framed and hanging in the banks lobby she has just been promoted to “Head Teller.” I think that’s great. She’s already dressing like a business woman from the early 1980’s, so she must be taking her new promotion seriously. I just hope that one day she gets promoted to “drive through” teller. I would love to hear her voice over the microphone.

Moving on, why the hell is she protecting that bag in both pictures? What’s in it? Perhaps she robbed the bank? Perhaps she is trying to hide a bit of the cameltoe that’s trying to peek out? The possibilities are endless. Shakira, let me tell you a little something…none of your employees are going to respect you if you wear business suits that show off the cameltoe. You’ll be demoted to “bank greeter” before you know it!
Who Shot That Bank Teller!?!
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