Sarah Michelle Gellar. Oh, and I Read a Book!

I know I say this about everyone, but I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. Here’s why. First off, I just do, so stop being so God damn nosy about it. Second, she used to remind me of this chick that I used to work with that always had a crush on, but she was married and I, well, I was/am a loser. See how that works? Anyway, SMG is in the Big Orange of New York City filming her latest movie “Veronika Decides to Die” based on the book by Paulo Coehlo.

So here’s the thing. This is going to be shocking to you, but I’ve read books. No really, I have. Specifically I’ve read books by Paulo Coehlo. It started with The Alchemist and I loved it, so I kept reading all his other books (yes, I’m the guy who also buys a t-shirt that I like and then buys 10 more of the same in different colors…I know). However, the only one out of almost all of his books that I didn’t read was the one that SMG is filming. Wanna know why? This isn’t a joke. I had it in my hands and then said to myself, “Who spells “Veronika” that way? That’s dumb.” And then I put it back. No lie. Anyway, the moral of the story is that me and Sarah Michelle Gellar have a TON in common and clearly are destined to be together.
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