Sanjaya’s Mom Grows Pot. I Needed It!

It appears that Sanjayjay’s mom was busted in 2005 for growing and selling pot, or “marijuana cigarettes” as the kids like to call it. I don’t see what the big deal was. I mean, she was only busted for having 310 marijuana plants at her house. Also, Sanjayjay’s sister, Shyamali, was also arrested, but her mug shots couldn’t be made public because she was only 17 yrs old. I guess we’ll have to settle for her naked with a guitar covering her “Sanjaya’s.”

You know what I would have said! If there are 310 marijuana plants, where are the receipts? I think it was selfish that his pot growing mom didn’t share some of those plants with the American public who were forced to listen to her son “talk-sing” week after week. However, bonus points for Paula having the ability to smoke 304 of the 310 plants prior to going “on-air.”

Who Claims This!?!

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