Rosie Verbally Bitch Slaps Paula Abdul

Since when is Rosie the moral authority America? Rosie was spewing out insanity on “The View” yesterday about America Idol. To quote Rosie (using quotation marks):
“Isn’t that what America thinks is entertainment? To make fun of someones physical appearance and then when they leave the room laugh hysterically at them – three millionaires, one probably intoxicated.”

Boooo to Rosie. She said “To make fun of someones physical appearance…” Didn’t she make fun of Donald Trumps hair? Yeah, that’s the same thing Rosie. If you can’t make fun of someones physical appearance what can you make fun of? I mean, that’s all I have left really. Is The View supposed to be entertainment? If by “entertainment” you mean “a show that makes my ears bleed” then ‘yes’ The View is VERY entertaining.
Sit on it and spin, Rosie. And then spin some more. Then, stand up after you’re done spinning and try to run across the room without falling. Please make sure to film that. Then send it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Bonus points if you get hit in the nuts with a golf ball. Collect your prize money. Repeat as necessary.
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