Richie Sambora Was Not in Rehab

Let me start out by saying that if you make a sign of some sort with IBBB on it, I’ll add you to the site. Avid IBBB readers and Bon Jovi worshipers, Janine and Kelly, went on down to see Bon Jovi perform at The Today Show the other morning and sent me these pictures. Please note that these girls camped out the night before since they are such huge Bon Jovi fans. Please also note that their sign has a huge “ImBringingBloggingBack” on it, while “Bon Jovi” is tiny in the corner. I’m bigger than a rockstar. Yeah, I said it. Anyway, so these pictures are a little hard to see, but that’s what makes it fun. It’s almost like “Where’s Waldo,” but Bon Jovi style. So let’s play, “Where’s Jovi?” Let me walk you through these, John Bon Jovi is in red and Richie Sambora is in black. You can even see Meredith and Matt too. It was a real win-win for Janine and Kelly.

So, apparently Matt Lauer asked Richie Sambora about his crappy year and how rehab was. Richie stated that he wasn’t in rehab, but “detox” instead. Really? I kinda feel like rehab seems a little easier then detox. Maybe that’s just me. I’ll be testing them both out, so I’ll let you know.

Thanks again to Janine and Kelly for representing IBBB and sending the photos. You two get nothing in return. Good day.
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