Toast to Perfection With These Top Selling 2 Slice Toasters (and one 4-Slice Toaster)

Toasting oversized bagels, breads, and pastries has officially never been easier.  Tan that toast!

Best Toaster 2018 - 2 Slice Wide Slot Toasters

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Did you know you typically have to buy a new toaster every 5-years?  It’s a thing.  Of course if you’re buying those $200 toasters you can keep them forever (well, at least some of them), but the average everyday toaster may require you to upgrade every now and then.  When you’re looking to replace your toaster with something new, the best thing you can look for is an option with extra wide slots.  This makes it much easier for toasting things like bagels (hello every morning), larger breads, and some of your favorite pastries.  Beyond that you should look for features like ‘reheat’ and ‘defrost’ because your life has recently become one giant leftover (guilty as charged).  Shop our picks for some of the best 2-slice toasters (so far) in 2018.  Plus, we’ve added a ‘must buy’ 4-slice toaster because, well, we’re obsessed.

1.  Best Selling 2 Slice Toaster of 2018:  Black + Decker Extra Wide Slot Toaster – Check Price

Best Toaster 2018: Cheap Black & Decker Toasters

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This is our pick for the best 2 slice toaster (so far) in 2018 because it’s (1) the current best-seller on Amazon right now, (2) is at such a cheap price it should almost be illegal, and (3) it’s totally no-frills and just sticks to its job, which is to toast bread and bagles.  You know, the norm.  We loved the extra wide slots so we could easily fit in Texas Toast-style bread, bulky and delicious bagels and more.  You can also feel free to toss in some frozen bread options too for perfect heating/toasting (hello waffle and pancakes…we’re looking at you!).  There’s also an ‘Extra Lift’ option so you don’t have to (dangerously) stick something in the toaster to grab your toast.   Simply hit lift and your toast and bagels will pop all the way up for easy removal.  We won’t miss burning our fingers anymore.  Total freedom!  This toaster comes in a slick black with stainless steel accents.

2.  KRUPS KH732 2-Slot Brushed Stainless Steel Toaster – Check Price

Best Toaster 2018: 2 Slice Krups Brushed Stainless Steal

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You can’t go wrong with almost anything from KRUPS.  From coffee makers to toasters, these guys have your breakfast covered.  We loved the extra large toasting slots and the bagel option so you can totally treat all your toasting needs unique to them.  This 2-slice toaster has five useful functions like toasting, reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel.  We listed cancel because sometimes we totally forget we’re in the middle of toasting, leave it in too long and then immediately panic.  The ‘cancel’ button is actually pressed more than we’d like to admit.  The crumb tray can easily be removed so you can clean it out in a breeze, which we suggest you do because there’s nothing worse than that burnt smell messing up your breakfast or snack.  As an added bonus, we loved the blue LED indicators that bring a pop of color to this stainless steel masterpiece.

3.  The Best 4-Slice Toaster (so far) in 2018:  Cuisinart CPT-180 Classic Toaster – Check Price

Best Toaster 2018: Cuisinart 4 Slice Toaster

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We get it, sometimes you need a 4-slice toaster to have all your toasting needs met.  What we typically don’t love about many 4-slice toasters is how big and bulky they can be.  This option by Cuisinart won’t take up your entire counter space, which is a nice change of pace.  What we love about this one is that it has dual control panels so you can easily choose different toasting options for different breads at the same time.  Choose from 6 toasting dials, dual reheat, defrost, bagel and more.  Like most toasters these day, the toasting slots are extra wide so bagels and bulky breads easily fit in.  What blew our toasting mind was how the bagel option allows you to toast just the top part of your bagel and not the bottom if you’d like.  Complete control! If you want both sides of the bagel toasted you’d simply just choose the regular toasting option (the same way you’d toast regular bread).  We can’t get enough.

4.  The Most Stylish AF Option:  Smeg 2 Slice Toaster in Red – Check Price


Best Toaster 2018: SMEG Red 2 Slice Toaster


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We always love small appliances that go against the grain and don’t look like every other one on the market (we’re looking at you ‘stainless steel’).  Smeg always brings the character to each and every appliance they create.  We totally dig the retro vintage vibe with a new modern twist.  This is the type of toaster you’d be proud to display right there on your counter.  Beyond its beauty, it works great too.  This 2-slice option has extra wide slots for ample room when toasting things like bagels, larger breads, certain pastries, and more.  Plus the racks are self-centering so you’ll enjoy a really even and thorough toast each and every time.  The crumb tray is removable and super easy to clean.  If cherry red isn’t your color, Smeg also has a bunch of other eye catching color options like pastel green, light blue, pastel pink, stainless steel, black and more.  Choose the ‘flavor’ that best suits your kitchen decór.

5.  Most Fun (and Functional) Toaster:  Star Wars ‘Death Star’ 2 Slice Toaster – Check Price

Best Toaster 2018: Star Wars Death Star 2 Slice Toasters

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Because sometimes you just want a super fun toaster.  And who can go wrong with anything Star Wars related?  This killer 2-slice toaster (or space station!) is perfect for bread, bagels or pastry thanks to the extra large toasting slots.  The best part? Your toast exits the Death Star with a tie Fighter logo on one side of each piece of bread!  How insane is that!?  Sure it’s perfect for kids, but us adults love it too (perhaps even more).


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