I Tried Scentbird, the Cologne & Perfume Monthly Subscription Service, and Have Never Smelled Better

I love new fragrances, but I’m terrified of commitment.  Scentbird kinda helped me with that.  Here’s how it went.

2018 Scentbird Review - Is Scent Bird Worth It Monthly Cologne Perfume Subscription 2019

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In a world where there are literally thousands of new monthly subscription box services popping up all over the place it seems nearly impossible to try them all.  And, I mean, who has the money to take that kind of gamble month after month?  Historically our go-to was always Birchbox.  We still love them, but realized we got a little more excited over the cologne and perfume choices that were sent than almost anything else in the box.  Then we heard about Scentbird.

The Scentbird Review 2018

What Actually Is Scentbird Anyway?!

Scentbird is a subscription-based delivery service that will send you a 30-day supply of your favorite designer fragrances right to your door (or office!). According to the CEO, Scentbird was created out of frustration with the ‘perfume graveyard’ that collected on their dresser. So to help combat that old dusty graveyard that we’ve all encountered (hello Darkkar!), thanks to Scentbird you can choose from over 450 classic colognes and perfumes, or totally roll the dice and try out some new scents that are being added regularly.  We have total FOMO, so this is important to us.

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So What Will I Actually Get From Scentbird?!

What and how much you get is really up to you since they offer a variety of different subscription options.  Regardless of the one that you pick, one thing is for sure.  You’ll get enough of the fragrance to last you for the entire month.  There’s some math involved, which certainly isn’t our strong-suit, but basically there will be enough of the fragrance for you to use about 2 to 3 sprays per day for the full month.  I mean, we technically don’t wear it every day (hello hungover Sunday), so we always ended up with a little extra from time to time.

Start a monthly subscription for only $14.95 and cancel at any time!”

Your order will also come with a refillable case and the size of what shows up to your doorstep is a travel-friendly size so you can even bring it with you on a flight without the TSA wanting it for themselves! You’ll also be able to choose from hundreds and hundreds of different brands.  We’re talking the good old tried-and-true standbys like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Prada, and more.  Plus, there’s so many new and trendy options to test out too like Rag & Bone, Juliette Has a Gun, Tom Ford, MALIN+GOETZ, Commodity, and more.  Check out our picks for some of the best cologne brands for men and our favorite perfumes and fragrances for the ladies.

If you’re unsure of which fragrances to choose, once you sign up for your account you can either take a fun quiz and answer some questions to find the right scent for you or you can browse by super-drilled down categories.  For example, you can have them show you fragrances by things like: Classic, Floral, Fruity, Woodsy, Clean, Flirty, and more.  Drill down by what your vibe is and they’ll let you know what would suit you best.  It was fun to switch it up based on season too.

Choose from monthly or every-other-month!”

Personally, we loved taking the quiz.  They’ll ask you questions (some super random) like What Would You Rather Do?  And you can choose things like:  Meditating, Hiking, Sailing, and more.  After a few quick rounds of fun questions they’ll provide you the three scents that match your answers.  Who doesn’t love a quiz!?

There are over 450 fragrances to choose from each month”

Is Scentbird Worth It 2018 - 2019

So is Scentbird Really Worth It?

Honestly, it totally is worth it. For us, at least.  The only time that we were less than thrilled was when it was a fragrance that we didn’t love.  It was kind of like, “How many more sleeps until we get a new one?!”  Once our refillable case broke (we may have dropped it one too many times) but their customer service was great and they hooked us up with a new one free of charge.  Hooray!

It’s perfect if you have commitment issues like us!”

At the end of the day, if you want to try new colognes and perfumes each and every month, we say go for it!  Even when we have our regular monthly go-to, it’s nice to change things up from time to time.  For us, this even made complete financial sense.  At almost $15/month that would cost us about $180/year, which is like buying 1 or 2 full bottles of our favorite fragrance anyway.  It’s just nice to switch up our scents regularly.   You can even give this as a gift to someone else and they’ll still be able to pick their own.

Scentbird is More Than Just a Fragrance Subscription Company

What started out as simply fragrances has morphed into other must-try things like makeup, hand creams, skincare supplies, home fragrances, scented candles, gift ideas, and a ton more.  You can even try other things like their bath & body collection as part of your existing subscription, or simply upgrade to try multiple products each month.  Plus, you can outright purchase full-on products right from their website at anytime.  It’s fun to shop!  We say do it if you can.  What’s the worst that will happen?  Just cancel when you’re over it.

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