The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset Gorilla Steals the Show

Because we could play cars all day.

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Now this is car playset of all playsets!  Your kiddos are going to love this super-sized garage because not only does it stand over 3-feet tall (that’s like the size of some small children!), but it can also hold over 140 cars at the same time.  Sadly, only 4 cars are included in this set, but you gotta start somewhere!

The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage is actually one of the biggest of its kind and is said to be a ‘must have’ this holiday season so snatch this up while you can.  Or tell Santa to get on it, whatever is easier.  So this playset can do a bunch of different awesome things, but we’re going to start with what we’re obsessed with the most.  The gorilla.

Now he’s not technically King Kong but, I mean, come on.  He’s pretty close.  And he climbs up and down the garage building trying to knock your cars out of the elevator?  Sounds pretty Kong-like to us.  Either way, we love him.  This giant red gorilla (with blue hands and face!) will climb all up and down the building as your cars are trying to make their way in an out, racing by themselves, or against other cars.  If you’re not careful that gorilla is going to knock them around which, to be honest, is pretty darn cool.  But don’t worry, there are other things we love about this ultimate garage too.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Gorilla 2017 - 2018

Your kids will be psyched that it comes with a jet plane that can hold up to 2 cars and land or take off from the penthouse of the garage (with a little extra imagination, of course).  The motorized elevator (thanks batteries!) transports 23 of your favorite cars at a time to the upper and lower garage levels.  And there’s all different levels and play zones like a police station (can we send that gorilla to jail?), a car wash, service shop, and a drive-up diner so the play possibilities are almost endless.  Plus, there are size-by-side tracks so two cars can race from the top of the penthouse down to the street level at the same time to see who wins, which really is the point of all of this.

We’re giving this set some bonus points too because it has multiple connection points so you can connect some of your other Hot Wheels playsets to this garage to make one giant creation!  This is the perfect gift for both boys and girls this season.

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2017 Review of Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset

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