The New Plush Fingerlings Hugs is the Best Way to Buy Love this Christmas

Because the old Fingerlings wrapped around your little finger.  The new Fingerlings ‘Hugs’ can be wrapped around your neck.  Happy holidays everyone!  Here’s what we know so far.

Where to Buy New Fingerlings Hugs 2018 - Plush Stuffed Animal Hugging Monkey Wowwee 2019

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Remember how last year Fingerlings were all the rage?  Yes, they were tiny little robot moneys that your kids begged for and you totally thought Santa was going to drop the ball.  Luckily due to supply and demand, he didn’t.  Well this year is expected to be roughly the same.  Wowwee has recently debuted their latest robotic monkey (of sorts) at the New York Toy Fair and, well, we’re kind of already in love.  Introducing Fingerlings Hugs!

If you never got hugged enough as a child, this giant plush monkey is right up your alley.  Did a good job in work today and no one cares?  Perfect!  Come home to a monkey that will hug you and basically tell you that you crushed it!  Thanks ‘Hugs!’  Oh, it’s for kids too?  Well here’s everything you need to know about this new lovable creature.

When, Where, and How Much:

  • When will Fingerlings Hugs be available to buy and released into the wild?  Currently the release date is August 2018.
  • How much with these Fingerlings Hugs cost?  The suggested retail price is $29.99.
  • Where can you buy these online?  Right now it’s TBD, but best to check Amazon and, of course, eBay (sadly).

What Do Fingerlings Hugs Actually Do:

  • Fingerling Hugs can wrap around your waist, neck, and general body areas and, well, give you an actual hug.
  • You can rock them to sleep while singing them a lullaby (please don’t write your own), they can give you kisses (closed mouth, hopefully), and will respond when hanging upside-down.  Plus, give them a bouncy little ride on your leg and they just might giggle with delight.  Are we done yet?
  • Fingerlings Hugs also can speak.  Sort of.  Well, they have recording capabilities meaning your child (or you) can record words or phrases you want your lovely Hugs to repeat back to you.  I’ll be recording “You are enough.  You are enough.” over and over again.  Create your own!

So far we know that these new editions will come in pink and purple.  Rumors are that they’ll be blue, green, and brown heading our way, but we’ll keep you posted.  Oh, and did we mention there’s also rumored to be a unicorn version called “Unicorn Hugs.”  Because, of course there is.

Where to Buy Unicorn Hugs Fingerling 2018 - 2019

Bookmark this page because (a) that’s still a thing (?) and (b) we’ll be updating it with all the latest info on where you can buy your Fingerlings Hugs, including that pesky Unicorn Hugs and where you can get the best deal so you can beat Santa to the punch!