Regis is Going to Take a Little Break. So Who's Gonna Yell at Gelman?


It saddens me to “reports” that Regis will be taking  a leave of absence from “Live With Regis and Kelly’s Jacked Arms” starting December 1st in order to recover from his upcoming hip surgery, according to Entertainment Tonight. There’s nothing I like better than starting my morning with a little Regis and Kelly.  Well, there are a few things I like better, but lets not go there.  Watching Kelly carrying on a conversation with “The Reg” about things like Twitter or “The Hills” is like sitting around the Christmas dinner table and listening to the elderly just ramble about hardships from the Great Depression.  Regardless, you gotta love Reg. 

There’s no word on who will be filling in for Regis, but rumor has it that Anderson Cooper may be the dude who does so.  However, if they ever open it up to loser-bloggers I’m definitely tossing my ass into the ring.  I’m assuming I’m on the short-list.

First Oprah, now this?  Moment of silence.

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