Real World Awards: CT’s Gonna Be Pissed!

There’s a war going on in Iraq. Also, there’s going to be a Real World Awards shows because, you know, it’s needed. Anyway, the gang from the past 429 seasons all met up at the Sunset Plaza House in LA to reunite and see who wins some awards, I’d assume.

Anyway, CT is gonna be pissed! Why you ask? Oh, only because Getty Images labeled the gay dude from Real World London as “CT.” Something tells me that CT won’t like this too much. I tried to reach him for a response but then realized I don’t know him or have his phone number, so I just hung up. I do figure, however, that his statement would go something like this (insert stereotypical Boston accent here):

“Nah kid, no…that ain’t right. I was wicked pissed when I saw they labeled the wrong kid as “CT.” Dude, there’s only one CT, kid. I’m wicked pissah, I’m wicked smaaaht yo, I bust your face, I’m no joke, I’l drive my caaaah right ovah your face if you ever call me the wrong name again.”

I think I’m pretty dead on.
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