5 Home Depot Artificial Christmas Trees We Thought Were Real

Because it’s too cold to stand outside trying to find a real tree for Christmas.  Plus, they die.  We’re all in for these realistic looking (yet fake) Christmas trees on sale at The Home Depot this season.  Humbug!

Best Home Depot Christmas Trees 2018: Fake Artificial Christmas Trees That Look Real 2019

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We love Christmas just as much (or little) as the next person, but nothing drives us crazier than the pageantry around buying a real Christmas tree every year.  Sure they smell great (when you’re not constantly sneezing) and they look great (when you’re not trying to see if those bugs on your ceiling are actually coming from the tree), but there’s something about shelling out upwards of $70 – $120 every year for something that’ll be up for a couple weeks and then, literally, thrown away.  We know we sound like a Grinch, but we’re ok with that.  This year it’s really all about finding a real-looking artificial (read: fake) Christmas tree that suits all our needs.  We’ve selected some of the best-selling Home Depot Christmas trees that cover the most major categories that people are looking for:  Best overall, pre-lit with clear lights, pre-lit with multi-colored lights and, well, the cheap tree.  Check out our picks for the best fake Christmas trees you can buy online at Home Depot (so far) in 2018.

1.  Home Depot’s Jersey Fraser Pre-Lit Multi Color Artificial Christmas Tree – Buy It Here

Best Home Depot Fake Christmas Tree 2018: Pre Lit Multi-Color Tree 2019

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One of the most popular trees being sold at Home Depot this year that’s pre-lit with multi-colored lights.  It’s 9-feet tall, comes in 4 sections for super-easy setup, and one of their most realistic Christmas trees being sold this season.

2.  National Tree Company’s 9-Foot Norway Fake Christmas Tree at Home Depot – Buy It Here

Best Home Depot Fake Christmas Tree 2018: Norway Fir 2019

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We love the realistic look of this tree and that we can add our own lights.  Plus, major bonus points for ease of setup and the fact that their branches are crush-resistant, meaning that it’ll look great year after year.

3.  Home Depot’s ‘Puleo’ 7.5-Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree With Clear/White Lights – Buy It Here

Best Home Depot Fake Christmas Tree 2018: Pre Lit White Clear Lights Douglas Fir 2019

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A super classy looking fake tree for the holidays!  This pre-lit tree has white/clear lights for more of an elegant look and feel.  It’s 7 1/2 feet tall, and comes with a free and reusable storage bag.  Sold!

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4.  Fraser Hill Farm ‘Most Realistic’ Pre-Light Mutli-Color Lit Christmas Tree – Buy It Here

Best Home Depot Fake Christmas Tree 2018: Most Realistic Tree Fraser Hill Pre Lit 2019

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Voted the most realistic and popular selling fake tree at Home Depot, this pre-lit LED multicolor light tree is bell-shaped and has lifelike foliage meaning that its’ not supposed to look perfect, just like a real tree wouldn’t look perfect!

5.  Cheap Alert:  Home Depot 9-Foot Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree For Under $250 – Buy It Here

Best Home Depot Fake Christmas Tree 2018: Slim 9 Foot Artificial Tree 2019

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If you’re not looking to break the bank, this is the most standard and affordable fake trees at Home Depot this season.  It’s more of a slim shaped tree so it’s perfect if you don’t happen to have a ton of space and don’t want to take up a large portion of your room.

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