Rachel Weisz is Glib!

….and she’s also the best mom ever! Rachel Weisz is conjuring up some international criticism after she had mentioned that she thought it was ok to drink some wine after your third month of pregnancy. Oh Rachel you tricky little medical marvel! Now, medical professionals are all up in arms over her statement saying that her comments are “dangerous” and “ill-informed” and not even to mention that her saying it with a British accent is very hurtful to my ears.

So she likes to kick a few back? What’s the big deal really? Ok so her kid may not score a 500 on his SATs and may work at the local ice-cream shop for life, so? I mean, I told my sister who is eight-months pregnant that it’s ok to do keg-stands because Rachel Weisz said so.

I’m not sure if Rachel would agree, but I think it’s also perfectly “fine” to drink and drive, not stop at the train-tracks, golf during a lightning storm, cross paths with a black cat, drink bleach (if you mix it with water), cheat on your taxes, and grope women at the local bar. Nice going Rachel!

Who Gave That Advice!?!

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