Rachel Bilson Remembers Her Underpants

My future wife (after Lisa Loveless, Dina Lohan, Kimmy Gibbler, and Tyra) Rachel Bilson was all cute and stuff at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards last night. She even remembered to put on a pair of underoos because I checked. I mean, not personally, but you can tell from the way she is sitting here.

Speaking of the Teen Choice Awards, if you don’t want to know some of the winners don’t read below. If you’re like me and 100 years old and don’t really care continue to read:

~ The Jonas Brothers – took home 6 awards (including, who the hell are the Jonas Brothers again?)
~ Gossip Girl – took home 6 awards (yet about 15 people actually watch that show….i’m not good with math, but….)
~ Chris Brown – took home 5 awards
~ Miley Cyrus – took home 3 awards (including the “Hillbilly Twang” award)
~ Will Smith – took home 3 awards (and I will assume he yelled into the mic for 15 minutes)
~ Lauren Conrad – took home 1 award (world implosion)


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