Poshtoria Wants Privacy, Does Reality TV

It has been reported, by random drunken sources, that Victoria and David Spiced-Beckham will be getting their very own reality show here in the good old US of A and on NBC. I was a little surprised with it being on NBC, as I would have assumed FOX or The UPN (is the UPN even around anymore?). The Spiced-Beckham’s have signed a $19.5 million deal to have cameras follow them around day and night as they move to Los Angeles later this year. Ok, now while this may end up being train-wreck TV at its finest, if this is true, Poshtoria has forfeited all rights to complaining that she doesn’t have any privacy and the paparazzi always follow her around.

Poshtoria’s manger, Simon Fuller, has been contacted and has said, “The Americans were falling over to sign Victoria for TV. They have taken a shine to Vic’s humor.”

Uh, yeah – no. We haven’t as much “taken a shine” as we have drank “moonshine” and then laughed at her. There’s a difference. Also, can “Vic” have a sense of humor if she doesn’t show her teeth, ever? Oh wait, is that supposed to be that dry British humor? I get it now. And, “yuck.”

No word yet if Poshtoria’s teeth will be making a guest cameo on the reality program, but rumors are already flying that her robot boobs will be getting their own spin-off. Only in America, my friends, only in America. I’m glad that I live in a country that would give a Spice Girl a second chance. You hear that “Kris Kross?” You’re next!

Who Said Robots Can Smile!?! and Who Shot Spice!?!

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