Poshtoria Takes Grandpa for a Walk

Poshtoria was busy taking her Grandpa for a walk while she was also shopping in Madrid, Spain. Grandpa Beckham had his high-tech cane with him as he dragged his wife out of Yves Saint Lauren. See now for complete full-effect I would have no opted to use a cane, but I would have gone all out and used a walker. You know? The kind of walker that has two tennis balls on the bottom of it so it doesn’t drag against the ground. Yeah, that’s totally what I would have done.

In Friday Poshtoria Beckham news, Poshtoria has stated that not being able to always see her husband is the “hardest” part of her life. She continued on saying:

“I would love to wake up with David every morning and have dinner with him every night. And I’m sure that will happen one day. But, for the moment at least, we’re both so busy.”

Yeah, after looking at the size of Posh I’m sure she wouldn’t be too psyched having dinner every night. Perhaps, dinner twice week, but definitely not every night. Posh continued even more useless diarrhea of the mouth by spewing:

“How do I cope with homesickness? I just have a breakdown and cry a lot. The hardest part of my life is when I’m away from David. Everything else I can cope with….We have security team everywhere we go – school, shopping, to McDonald’s – and I don’t like it. Do I wish I was anonymous? Of course.”
Wow Posh asks herself a lot of questions and then she answers them herself too. What a real go-getter! Now that’s something I think Tyra Banks is missing. I’m actually shocked that Tyra doesn’t conduct her own interviews. Anyway, back to Posh. I also don’t think that she goes to McDonald’s. I think if she does she thinks of it as more of a “zoo.” Kinda like she takes the kids to McDonald’s to see “the common-folk.” She probably brings a stick with her so she can poke at the workers. Wait where was I going with this? No clue. I gotta go.
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