Poshtoria Beckham Wears Bra, Becomes Less Interesting

Poshtoria celebrated her 33rd birthday by wearing a bra and shopping for a video camera. Interesting, yet not so. Looks like Poshtoria took the advice of US Weekly by putting on some type of bra contraption. I think this makes her less interesting. Let’s face it, she’s pretty uninteresting as it is, but at least we could always count on figuring out if we would have 6-more weeks of winter if Poshtoria wasn’t wearing a bra…if ya know what I mean….and I think ya do. What’s by favorite picture, you ask? That would be the one where they’re trying to buy a video camera from the sales guy who’s wearing a Ghost Buster’s t-shirt that says, “No Crackheads.” Yeah, I’d definitely buy something from someone who wore that. I mean, I did buy my car from a guy who sported a Members Only jacket, so I just assume that’s the same thing, but I digress.
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