Poor Regis. Why Do I Have a Feeling Ripa is Behind This?


It’s like a signal for the end of days.  Regis was out and about with Gelman to film a secret scene with his wife, Joy, somewhere in New York City.  This is supposed to be kept under wraps so that no one knows the location, but by eyes are cluing me in to the fact that the window behind Regis says “Lincoln Square” so, well, there’s your surprise.

Kelly Ripa was nowhere to be found as was Regis’ pride.  Also, I have a new mission in life.  Since I am like a 50 year old man who watches Regis and Kelly every morning before work, I always hear of Kelly talking about her outdoor space at her apartment building.  It sounds like a special place and I would like to have some drinks with Kelly at her magical outdoor space.  I am putting it out the universe and giving it secret Oprah vibes so if anyone can make this happen please contact me ASAP (Any Saturday and Passover.  At least that’s what I assume ASAP stands for).

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