Pink Performing at the Grammys = Insane

I know I’m a day late and $4 dollars short (or whatever that saying is), but I’m going to be a bit positive when I say that the Grammy Awards were actually good the other night.  Really good, in fact.  Sure they were 12 hours long, but almost all of the performance kicked a$$ (I added those dollar-signs as a shout out to Ke$ha, who I don’t even understand, but we’ll get to that during a different post).

I know I’m in the minority that wasn’t overly impressed by Beyonce.  I was more scared than impressed, but she was good…especially with those “hair whips.”  I love a weave that is extra glued.  However, the best performance of the night was Pink.  Insane.  First off, the fact that she could still sing live while spinning in mid-air is amazing.  You know Britney was thinking, “I can’t even walk while singin or nothin’ y’all!”  I think the people in the crowd were equally amazed.  I feel like it was one of those times were the moment was even bigger than itself.  For those who weren’t fans of Pink before, they surely are now.  Insane.

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