Pam Rubs Her Boobs on Richard Branson

I’m glad that Pam Anderson is all quiet, shy, and reserved. She never tries to steal the spotlight. That’s right folks, today is “opposites day!” Pamela Anderson Lee Rock Hep Solomon was camera shy while she attended Richard Branson’s “Virgin Airlines Inaugural Flight to Vegas.” I guess there’s a reason to have a red carpet event over adding a new destination to your flight plan? I wonder if Continental Airlines celebrated like this once they added flight service to Secaucus, NJ? Probably. They probably had the lady who played “Mrs. Rossini” on Who’s The Boss at that red carpet event.

Anyway, in order to generate some additional press, Richard Branson repelled off the side of The Palms hotel in Vegas and threw some free airline tickets into the air as well. Well, it didn’t really go as planned as the wind had blown him back into the building and he slammed his back into the wall and ripped his pants. Great marketing iniative, dumbass. Oh wait, I’m talking about it. I guess it worked. Doh!

Pam Rubs Her Boobs on Richard Branson

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