Oprah’s School For Girls: A Nazi War Camp?

Oprah really rules with an iron fist and ass (from what I heard). The school that Oprah opened for girls near Johannesburg was applauded at first, but now it is getting a couple of puzzled looks and probably some “z-snaps” too. According to some of the upset/ungrateful parents of the girls who attend this school they are saying that it is too strict. They’re also saying that it’s almost impossible to remain in contact with their lucky-ass kids. At first parents could visit their kids every two-weeks, but not it’s only once a month. One of the mothers, Frances Man, has recapped some of the rules of this school/prison system:
  1. No cell phones or emailing during the week.
  2. Girls are only allowed to call their parents on the weekends.
  3. They are only allowed four visitors and these visitors must be approved by the school at least two weeks in advance.
  4. Parents are only allowed to spend 2-hours with their kids.
  5. No junk food for the kids.
  6. The girls get “good behavior points” for which they can exchange for school clothes and caps.

Other parents are claiming that their daughters are calling home in tears because the rules are so strict. Yeah, ok so this may sound a little mean, but I heard about this school prior to it opening. According to Mother Oprah Winfrey prior to this school opening the girls would get raped on their way to their old school…almost every day. Ok, so I’m not trying to sound mean, but you either get raped or you get junk food and a cell phone. Is there really a choice? Plus, look at it this way, you basically know Oprah. All you need to do is get a couple of “A’s,” write a book about the experience, go on Oprah, have her promote your book, and become an instant millionaire. You’ll be living in Beverly Hills and jogging with Posh Spice before you know it. As a side note, nothing seems more ungrateful than complaining about the free school that Oprah gave you with the free education. Oprah. Free. Oprah’s free school. No rapes. You know Oprah. Free.

Who Said Strict!?!

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