Oprah’s Reality Show: Oprah’s Big Give

I cannot wait for Oprah’s new reality show to start up, called “Oprah’s Big Give.” I was hoping they’d title it “Oprah’s Big Hips,” but after many letters I sent to ABC requesting this were returned I guess they decided to stick with the original title. Boring. Anyway, I’m not really a big fan of Oprah’s as I feel that people who came from nothing and had to overcome many horrific obstacles in their lives should not be rich later in life. Nope. The only people who should be rich are those that had privileged upbringings without struggle…especially none filled with dirty molestation – but I digress and digest as I am eating whilst I type.

Moving on. I’m pumped about her new show because I KNOW it’s going to chock full of Oprah yelling and repeating herself and then yelling again. And I saw in the preview that John Travolta is making a cameo so I will be sitting by with a beer and some popcorn just to hear Oprah yell, “JOHN TRAVOOOOOOOLTA!” I’m hoping the focus is mainly on Oprah, though, and not the contestants. Actually, if someone could just film Oprah all day long (perhaps by using one of those fancy helmet cameras) I would quit my job and dedicate my life to watching Oprah just live life.

Alas that will not happen, so here’s how the show will go down. Each contestant is given a photo, directions, and $2500. In five days you must change the lives of the needy and less fortunate. What they “don’t” know is that in the end, the person who raises the most money actually wins $1 million. Or as Oprah will probably say, “$1 MILLION DOLLLLAAAAAAAAAARS!.” I can’t freakin’ wait. I’m beside myself with excitement. The only thing that would make this better was if Della Reese was Oprah’s co-host.
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