Oprah to End Show in September 2011: Quitters Never Prosper.




Lower the flags to half staff and bring in the dog.  Blessed Mother Oprah Winfrey, it is rumored/confirmed, has decided to end her show after 25 years in September 2011.  Now most of you have probably never heard of her show before.  It’s called “Oprah.”  It’s a talk show.  I believe it’s watched by people in The United States and/or of the Americas, Canada, and parts of New Mexico. 

Tim Bennett, President of Oprah’s “Harpo” production company has made this horrible announcement and states that Oprah may discuss this more on Friday’s live show.  Ugh, if there even is a Friday anymore.

What I want to know is, what is Oprah going to do for money?  I mean, it’s likely that unemployment will still be on the rise in Sept 2011 and I worry for her finances.  I mean, she’s been a talk show host for 25 years.  That doesn’t exactly qualify you work at Dairy Queen or a Coconut Records or anything. 

As the old saying goes, “Quitters Never Prosper” and I agree with this statement.  Oprah will, more than likely, never prosper and just fade into the sunset.  I now envision her, Gayle, and Stedman living in a broken down shack in the middle of the woods in Utah, where they will probably kidnap some kids and hold them their as sex slaves and the like.  Poor Oprah.  Poor America.  Poor New Mexico.

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