Oprah: Everybody Gets a School!

…and you get a school, and you get a school, and you get a school. Everybody gets a schooool! Good old Oprah has opened up a school in South Africa for girls saying that it was the “proudest, greatest day of my life.” Wait, doesn’t Oprah say that everything that she does?

This school cost over $50 million and funded totally by Oprah and her foundation (known as her bank account) and consists of 28 buildings. Oprah is providing free education to the girls of poor families. Out of 3500 applications Oprah chose 152 girls to attend and then kicked the remaining girls out on their poor asses. Ok, that part was made up, but Oprah did bring the list down to about 500 and then visited many of these girls homes to see their families, poverty levels, etc.

Good for Oprah. Sometimes I wish I was a poor little girl from South Africa just so Oprah could help me out. Then, I would have a kick-ass school and crazy people like Mariah Carey and Chris Tucker would come and visit me on my first day of school. Lucky! No word yet if Oprah’s friend, Gayle, will be doing her part by opening up a “Dunkin Donuts” in a less-than-popular 3rd World country.

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