Opposites Day: Happiness is Not Circumstance Dependent


Well look at us…here we are again. I was grateful a couple of weeks ago that so many of you took part in the new segment (Opposites Day) here at Camp IBBB. I wasn’t sure if anyone would really get it, but I was surely proven wrong. In trying to keep up with the weekly practice here of Opposites Day, I wanted to share with you a quote I read from Marianne Williamson. She states that “Happiness is not circumstance dependent.” It took a while for that to sink in. Perhaps I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box of french fries. One may never know and no all at the same time. Moving on. Happiness is not circumstance dependent. I’m guilty for sure of thinking the opposite of this. Maybe I’ll see you on Judge Judy? Fingers crossed. Anysmut, looking back I seemed to have always placed my happiness on a “when this happens I will be happy” mentality. When someone from E! reads this site and “gets me” and hires me for something….I will be happy then.  When I get in a successful relationship and that person gets me…I will be happy then.  When I make “x” amount of dollars or have a certain amount of money in the bank…I will be happy then.  It seems like common sense, I guess, that that’s not how the world works.  Why that never ever clicked with me until recently is beyond me.  I choose now to be happy.  I choose to be happy with me.  I choose to live more in the present and detach from what I see to be the outcomes of happiness.  Apparently I choose to use italics a whole lot more.

While I still have goals and desires I’m detaching from the outcome of those goals and desires as a way to spew out into the universe that I’m willing to see what it knows as to be true what will bring the most happiness into my life.  Maybe it’s not what I thought would do it.  Regardless, I choose to be happy today.  Everything I need I already have today.  It’s enough.  I am enough.  And I’m open to any and all possibilities that are out there waiting for me to claim them.

So now that I’ve shared with you (like a good boy in 1st grade would) it’s time for you to share with me/us.  What are you holding on to in the future that you think will make you happy?  At the same time, what are you going to let go of starting right now?  Share with me in the comments section of this craptastically built website that, yes, is still being held together by sugar water, gum, a couple of lines of code, and a few pennies from the same wishing well that Baby Jessica “played in.”

*Programming Note:  Of course, Teen Mom 2 recaps will resume as of Tuesday morning…as Barbara Evans is something I will never let go of.  Wink wink, chuckle, puke.

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