What in the World are ‘Oonies’ and Why are We Officially Obsessed?!

Are they balloons?  Are they balls?  What is Oonies really all about?!

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We love a toy where kids are able to use their endless imagination and creativity all at the same time.  Throw in a little learning and you’ve got yourself a winner.  Well we think we found exactly that with the new Oonies creation toy that’s just been listed as one of the “Top 20” toys at Toys R Us this Christmas holiday season.  Oonies are basically small inflatable balls that kids make and then stick together with other Oonies to make any kind of creature or character they want.  Sky is the limit!

We loved Oonies because it was super easy to use and was pretty neat and organized.  We thought it originally was going to be one giant mess, but it really wasn’t.  Oh and we didn’t need water, glue, or other supplies around the house.   It came with everything we needed to get started.

What is Oonies and How Do You Make Them 2017 - 2018

Here’s how you create Oonies.

  • Easily inflate the Oonies pellets with the inflator that comes with your starter pack.
  • Inflate as many of the colored pellets as you want as it comes with 90 of them.
  • Stick your new creations together to make whichever creatures, characters, or designs you want.
  • Add the fun Oonie eyes or deco bits to your new designs to really bring them to life!
  • You can create up to 7 exciting characters with this starter kit, but there are a bunch of refill packs you can buy (scroll to the bottom to see the different options).

There are really so many different things you can make and, well, because it’s 2017 and everything is ‘social media’ kids are taking to the Interwebs to take a bunch of the Oonies Challenges.  They’re making Oonies shoes, hats, animals, toons, pinatas, mermaids, jewelry, ducks and more!  How these don’t pop is beyond us.

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And you can buy a bunch of different refill packs to keep the creativity going.

1.  Oonies S1 Theme Refill Pack:  Playful Pets – Buy It Here

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2.  Oonies Refills: Monster Mania – Buy It Here

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4.  Oonies S1 Jungle Wildlife Refills – Buy It Here

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5.  The Oonies S1 Mega Refill Pack – Buy It Here

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