Olivia Palermo Thinking "The City" Isn't So Real. Next Thing You Know We'll Find Out the Same Thing About "The Hills."















Oh snap!  Someone sure has their forehead braids in a knot over this weeks crapisode of The City in which, as you know, they show Olivia bombing her presentation with Whitney at Diane Von Fartandburp.  I could give you a multipletude of examples, but we already went over that in the recap.  Anydisorder, Olivia took to her Twitter account, in which I’ve been cautiously stalking for a couple of months now, to let people know that “It might be called reality tv but in this case it sure isn’t really portraying people.”  Now I’m not sure if that sentence makes any kind of sense, but she did post it the day after the last episode aired. 

I bet someone had a little too much “champy” and started twittering until Mr. Butler passed out in boredom.  I, of course, made sure to reply back to Olivia’s posting and asked her if she was just “green-screened” into each episode.  Sadly, she did not respond.  So I’ll take her silence as a “yes.”

I love Twitter.  It’s the new way to stalk celebrities and, in this case, fauxlebrities.  Although, it’s a little like Myspace where you don’t know for certain if it’s the real person or an impostor.  Either way, who gives a crapado.  I’m just running with it.

In conclusion, my advice to Olivia is this:  Olivia, don’t bite the hand that feeds you (and don’t shove a toothbrush down your throat) because these same people can fire you from The City and then what are you left with?  You think your millions of dollars will keep you happy?  Oh wait.  Nevermind.  Can I have some of that damn money?  Thanks.

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