Olivia Palermo and Joe Zee Together Until Death


All you fans of  unscripted reality television that have been missing what’s going on in the lives of your favorite TV characters, I have nothing for you.  If you’re interested in seeing The City’s Olivia Palermo’s new dark hair and what Joe Zee is up to, well then you’ve come to the right place!

Olivia Palermo was all malnourished half-smiles and hunched over poses at the premiere party of the book launch for “You Know You Want It” that took place at Henri Bendel in NYC yesterday.  Let’s just assume “You Know You Want It” referring to sandwiches for Olivia.  However, Olivia wasn’t the only “City” cast member in attendance.  Oh no, Joe Zee Messina was there too!  While no photos of Olivia and Joe Zee together were taken, Joe Zee did take a second to pose for a few pictures with Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively.  Is that important information?  It seemed like it when I started writing it, but not so much now.

No word if Olivia’s arch nemesis, Erin Jo Buttafuoco, made it to the event.  I miss her face.  Literally.

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