Oh Drat. Witty Ashton Kutcher Punk’d Me Again. Damn Pop Fiction.

A friend of mine tipped me off to watch Pop Fiction, a new show on E!. It’s been, supposedly, under wraps as the premise of the show is celebrities punking paparazzi and “the bloggers” with fake stories. I guess that means me too?

First up, Paris and “the shaman” punk’d us as the paparazzi followed them around while Paris and that freaky dude went to spiritual bookstores and a restaurant to eat while Paris gave away fake diamonds to a customer in the restaurant. Now I’m not sure if they technically punk’d me because I did a story about that and even showed the pictures, but I went with the angle that Mr. Miaygi from The Karate Kid was alive and well. Nice try tricky Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher. I guess we were punk’d though into thinking that Paris would be nice enough to give things away or even care about anything spiritual.

The second celebrity scam that was featured was Avril Lavigne pretending she was pregnant on Robertson Boulevard. She wore a mini baby bump and then she and her husband went into stores like Kitson Kids and Lisa Klein Kids while the paparazzi followed them and sparked up stories that Avril was pregnant. I never ran the story as I couldn’t have cared less if Avril was pregnant. I think it would have been more interesting to write a story about the fact that the guy she is married to (the lead singer of Sum 41) is no longer relevant.

Ok, so I know that half of the stories that you hear out there are not true. I’m sure we all know and fully understand that. However, in all fairness you can’t pack on a fake baby bump (meaning you actually put on additional clothes with the sole purpose of looking like you’re pregnant) and then walk into 2 children’s clothing stores while looking like you’re pregnant on a street this is 100% known for, not only, having the paparazzi on every block but also the street that you specifically go to when you’re a celebrity and you WANT to get your picture taken. After all of that, is it really that crazy for us to believe that you may be pregnant? I mean, only because you dressed like it on purpose and shopped in baby stores. Yeah, you got us Avril and Ashton. You got us good.

I’m hoping other celebrity scams are revealed in the coming weeks. Maybe Nicole Richie never was pregnant? Maybe Britney really isn’t crazy and really didn’t lose her kids or go to the mental hospital? Maybe Celine Dion really didn’t leave her Vegas show? Maybe The Hills really isn’t fake? Stayed tuned.
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