Obvious: Fergie’s Ass Better Than Face

In this mornings “Obvious News,” white singer who thinks she’s black, Fergie, has a better looking ass than face. Yes, my friends, I am back to my award winning journalism. Fergie was spotted vacationing in Mexico with her boyfriend Josh Duhamel. Either Josh is checking to make sure Fergie isn’t suffering from “Montezuma’s Revenge” or he literally hasn’t seen a thong before. Actually, maybe he is inspecting it to see if it is her face. It’s a real toss up at this point. A real toss up.
In other Fergie news, Fergie has been chosen by American Eagle to perform at their “Spring Break 2007” concert series in both Cancun and Acapulco. Fergie will be tearing it up on March 20th, so if you happen to be in Cancun on that day and basically want to see your Nana sing, you should check out the concert. About 1-month later Fergie will be hosting the Australian MTV Music Awards (April 29th). So set your Tivo’s and watch Fergie. Actually, first teach your Tivo to find Australian channels and then have it Tivo the Aus MTV Music Awards.
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