Now, is Queen Latifah’s Phone Working?

Hey there ‘Tifah. Quick question. Now when you’re calling Jenny is anyone actually answering? Because if it just keeps ringing and ringing I would either check the number and try your call again or I would just leave a message and have Jenny call you back. Don’t feel slighted. We live in a fat ass nation and Jenny has a lot of calls to return.

Queen Latifah was spending a little downtime in South Beach, Florida the other day with her personal trainer. One part of me wants to keep making easy fat jokes, but then the other part of me says, you know what….good for her. I am also grateful that Queenie went for the one piece instead of the two piece…..but from the looks of it, it looks like she still can’t put down the six piece. Holy shit I’m on fire. Ok, ok, Queen Latifah rules (some land, apparently) and I like people who put themselves out there and are comfortable in their own skin. Their own thick, thick skin.

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