No Cameron at Justin’s Premiere

There are rumors flying around town, and by “town” I mean the InterWeb that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have decided to call their relationship quits. Star Magazine has random sources who saw Justin out at a club in Tennessee and said he said, “Me and Cameron? We’re done!” Yeah if that doesn’t sound like a story told in high-school I don’t know what does.

Even pain in the ass Perez Hilton has confirmed the story, which doesn’t really mean it’s true but now I have two different people saying it…sooooo….things that appear in “two’s” must be true, right? And now, my friends, I also provide you even more evidence as Cameron Diaz did not show up at Justin’s premiere of “Alpha Dog” or the after party last night. As you can see, I’ve pointed out every single female in a photo with Justin (even Sharon Stone) who is not Cameron. See? I now have scientific proof that they are broken up. It’s really an open and shut case at this point. Maybe now Britney and Justin can get back together. Those two crazy kids seem like a real nice “rebound train wreck” together.

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