Nicollette Covers All Reflections

Nicollette Sheridan is doing her best to cover anything that will provide a reflection of what she really looks like such as mirrors, car windows, store fronts, anything glass, spoons, knives, etc. Seriously, she totally is a man baby, yeah! I hear that she is forced to put that red towel over her face during sex? What? I’m just saying that’s what I heard. I doubt it’s true. Or, maybe she hides behind that red towel when she tries to tuck her penis away for the day. I mean the possibilities are really endless, really.

Ok, so this is of Nicollette out shopping in CA yesterday, but isn’t my version way better? I think so. Can I win an Emmy for this sh!t? Is there a category for it? There should be. Do I write my congressman about this? Can someone do it for me, I’m tired. Thanks.
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